The fishing technique

The basic assumption for the fishing technique is that creativity is not confined to certain people (those called “talented “). Creativity is a built in human trait, just like imagination or the ability to speak. Some finds it easier than the others. But  the reasons are circumstantial, and are subject that can be changed.

Before we examine the sources of the creative approach, one must define the problem that prevents us all from creating freely. This problem lies in the unfortunate encounter between creativity and duty. Recruitment process of creating concrete tasks (marketing, political, media), creates an impossible encounter between two conflicting worlds. We, as the creators, are standing between those two opposite poles of this magnet, and try to get them together.

The best starting point for this frustrating conflict is the assumption, or rather the belief, that the ideas are already exist, and even strive to  find themselves a creator, so they can be realized. All we do is allow them to pop up in our mind. This approach does not seek to persuade through logic at all, but invites the creator to adopt it, simply because it’s the best way to create.

Now, only now, you can access the process itself. The process consists of 8 phases:

– Turning off the noises that bother us (internal and external): At this phase we will learn to recognize and deal with them.

– Specifying the task we were being sent for, as sharp as we can

– Login to the right state of mind

– Creating

– The judge  (external and internal) – Understanding the corrosive power of judgment untimely, and ways to watch out for.

– Mutual fertilization: the strength of the joint work

– Filtering: a method to select the best idea

– Development concept to implementation stage

The lecture is accompanied by examples and materials selected from the film, clips, performance, music and more.


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