IMG_7324Amit Gal, Former Executive Creative Director at Y&R TLV advertising. Award winner at Cannes, The One show, Clio, New York and London Festival for Creative advertising. Teaches and lectures about creative thinking. Develops and teaches the fishing technique.

The Fishing technique for creative

A detailed method for creative thinking, especially in a pressing and stressful environment. The technique was developed after years of study and examination of the creative process, within creative teams around the world, in various fields. The method offers a completely different approach, in fact the opposite approach, towards the creative process. The method is suitable for developers, designers and creators, from the fields of management, software development, strategy, marketing, sales and of course advertising.

Creative crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is definitely the new most intriguing and inspiring kid in the block. In case you haven’t met it yet, here’s the idea: you present your project to the public, and they decide if it is worth realizing, by backing it with small amounts of money. Personally, I believe it is one of the most exiting phenomenon that has happened here lately. However, After studying the matter deeply and experiencing it myself, I must worn you that you are entering a top creative zone here. This is why I want to show you how do I implement my 17 years and 5 Cannes winnings experience in creative advertising, into that amazing
world of crowdfunding. Join me to a one day workshop, which will give you everything you have to know about creative crowdfunding.

For more info, please watch this clip and visit my blog



crowd funding campaign for Open Knesset

FARA Ad festival, Bulgaria

Giomny, Cyprus

Windforce, Georgia

Greenpeace Israel

Bar-Ilan University (Psychology), Israel

Bezalel (Architecture), Israel

Copywriting School ACC, Tirza Granot, Israel

Ad agency IPG TLV Reuveni Friedan, Israel

Design and branding agency “Firma”, Israel

at WIZO Haifa, Israel

 “Exposure” School of the Open University, Israel


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