crowd funding workshop

Introductory workshop and experience with Crowd funding.

Duration: A full workday (8 hours).

Designation: The workshop is geared to advertising agency’s non-profit organization, entrepreneurs, small or medium business and every creative person who has a personal dream.

Outcome: At the end of the workshop, every participant will be able to start a Crowd funding campaign that is ready to be launched, with the all-round knowledge of how to market it.
There is no need to come in advance with a brief or a plan. In the course of the workshop we will learn how to flesh out your ideas.

1. Introduction talk:
Crowd funding as an evolution from advertising: about the essence of the new linkage that has developed between product and consumer, and how this is mixed from its base with the classic interrelationships. Until now, we knew a straight line from the producer, through the marketing, and advertising up to the consumer. Crowd funding bends this line into a circle. The final consumer is personally involved in the process of production of the product and its planning from the very beginning of its inception. Therefore he will be involved in the marketing, the evolution and the advertising. This really does not mean that the advertiser can go to the beach. On the contrary, the advertising is the conduit whereby all this is going to happen, and this is not an easy task by any means.
Creativity in Crowd funding: anyone can instigate a campaign, and anybody in fact does just that. The campaign you invested in to change the system of government, just sits there on the shelf, next to the campaign by Avi from class 6-3, that aims at changing the parquet on the floor of his baseball court. Now, it is you against Avi, head to head. And don’t you dare underestimate Avi. It so happens that he is an expert in Avid, Photoshop, and several sampling software, and he’s writing is not bad at all.
Oh, and “New Media”, for him, is no profession. He doesn’t need a ‘New Media’ director, and he never heard of ‘social strategy’. He lives that stuff since he was born. So it is advised to give your very best, because Avi is no fool.

2. Practical workshop:
a. Choosing a platform: a short explanation about the different platforms that exist, and the considerations towards the correct choice of platform.
Every participant chooses a platform.

b. Explanation of what does and what doesn’t suit a funding campaign, how to sharpen up your project for Crowd funding in order to benefit the subject of interest/old dream/the agenda close to your heart. Explanation about the difference between campaigns that speak to the heart, and those campaigns that address the intellect.

c. The choice of a name: define an exact name, that characterizes the project clearly and attractively.

d. Explanatory text of the project: how does advertising writing come across after ten years, wherein we got used to write and read posts, tweets and statuses. Do we want to look clever or be clear and simple? What is the length of the desired text? What can and what must be mentioned therein?

e. Choice of the intended financial goal: considerations and examples.

f. Levels of support: precisely because this looks like the least interesting aspect of the campaign, this gives an opportunity to amaze: funny names, special amounts, and of course various creative gifts. Here you can let your imagination take off endlessly.

g. Preparing your munitions: it is advisable to have materials stored, that can be sent out during your campaign: Posters, statuses, ideas for reviews, other non-conventional ways to broadcast your message.
Every participant will prepare his shots in this direction.

h. Definition of the circles of support:
1. the wide circle: a list of all circles of distribution that can be reached by sending them some sort of information. these are people we don’t know and have have nothing to do with our purpose.
2. the middle circle: forums and communities that might be possible to interest them specifically in the subject.
3. the inner circle: a limited number of persons you can build upon to stand with you during the campaign – who will transmit e-mail-messages, will join you in your efforts, and will add their own thoughts on how to spread the campaign around. This circle is your most valuable asset in your objectives.

i. And at long last – the promotion trailer: some words about the importance of the trailer for the campaign. Examples of outstanding trailers for this purpose, and also of campaigns that succeeded precisely without a trailer, will be given. The basic principles for writing a script for recruitment trailers. And the inevitable discussion of the optimal length of it. Some words about the production costs. Different kinds of trailers.
Every participant is to write a script.

j. let’s get started: the launching! Why is this really not such a dramatic stage.

k. Avenues of distribution: facebook, twitter, e-mail, Linkedin, on your own web-site. The different approach towards each and everyone of these. How to use each of them and at what frequency. Is it worth investing money in them, and in which of all these possibilities.

l. PR: how to work with this elusive animal?

m. cases and responses: how do you amplify successful progress, and how do you cope with slowing of the speed?

n. Changes and repair: a funding campaign must be receptive, dynamic and breathing. How do you find and repair the problematic points in your trailer? How to play with your texts?
o. Widening of circles: where haven’t we looked yet? What happens outside the frontiers of our country?

p. Last straightening out: if we have not reached our goal yet – how do we give it a push. If we reached our target – how do we widen the goal.
q. Post-campaign: what can we do and what must we do with our backers.

3. Summary
We have built a campaign. From here on you can start out with the push of a button. But, if you are not serious about it, better skip it or wait for another day that suits you better. It is important not to contaminate the virgin soil of crowd funding with a dummy campaign. On the other hand, if you are really into it, I advise warmly to jump in the water. This is going to be one of the most fascinating and instructive periods in your professional life.


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