Crowdfunding – Just another way for duplicating money?

About 6 month ago I run my first CF campaign, and got to know that phenomenal field of crowdfunding. It was love from firs sight. The idea of exposing your dream to the world, inviting the people to join you in making it come true, has captured my heart on the spot. For the next couple of months I was preaching to anybody who was not quick enough to avoid me about the unavoidable revolution in the way humanity is about to consume itself.

Take some money, and bring me a successful CF campaign!

Take some money, and bring me a successful CF campaign!

Well, as we all know life is one boringly predicted story, so just like any other love story this one had also came to that point where reality hits you in the face. I think it started as I launched a new campaign in Indigogo last May. It was for the same purpose as the first successful campaign, but abroad. From day one I started receiving offers from all kinds of different people, who advised me to use their know-how skills in order to promote my campaign. since we really didn’t have any money, I thanked them all politely, and tried to do it all by myself. It was a disaster. When I talked to some of my Linkedin friends, trying to understand what went wrong, they were very amused when I said I didn’t spend any money on marketing the campaign.

A month later, a big scandal was heating the media: It turned out that the most successful CF campaign ever to be held in Israel, for a well known author who raised his full goal in 10 hours, was actually financed by the publishers of his book. Few weeks later I was giving a seminar at the TLV hub, and at the end of it a lovely woman came over to me and told me she is responsible in person for another very successful CF campaign. When I asked her with true admiration how on earth did they do it, she claimed, with the most natural way, that they actually got most of the money in advance, and they made the campaign mainly in order to promote the book, although they where very happy to get some more pre-sales.

This is when I began to wander. Is it possible that I got it all wrong? Is the wonder of CF actually nothing but another stage in the evolution of advertising and public relations? Is it again, the same old story of people with money that find the way to make some more money, only this time they made it more sophisticated than ever: they really make you believe you can create something new, all by yourself, with no need of any background of any kind, just a good idea and tones of passion? And I bought that. Pehhh.


I raised that question to my friends in Linkedin, to see if  it  really is the tendency, or just my attraction to conspiracy stories. Well, it certainly raised an interesting talk. some people thought it is a very dangerous tendency, that must be condemned. Others, on the other hand, claimed it is a legitimate approach to the CF field, that should be excepted and recognized, just like forge likes in facebook.

As for my own opinion, the truth is I haven’t made it, yet. Of course I loved the Cinderella version of CF much better. But if the party is actually a costume party, maybe I better get myself one (the witch?), and have some fun, shouldn’t I?


2 thoughts on “Crowdfunding – Just another way for duplicating money?

  1. Amit – This is so unfortunate and this is why we all can’t have nice things. Some ego driven brands have to go and ruin the natural progression of things. I absolutely feel that crowdfunding should be organic, even thought you may need help in promoting it. Putting up what seems in the end to be a ‘fake’ campaign is not fair to those folks that are trying to raise money and it really ruins their campaigns too. I first started feeling this way when I started seeing increasingly professional videos on the campaigns. It’s supposed to be a way of raising money, not a publicity tool as it is becoming. As with any of these things, I think this will die down, but will it also ruin the concepts of crowdfunding in its wake? Maybe. I was a little torn about the Veronica Mars movie project, whether it was “fair” for people with money to create a campaign, but if you look at their campaign, they ran a grassroots video and campaign. My end thought is that although we all know that hey have the money to some degree, they did it right. Just look at their video and perks and updates. All very grassroots. If you haven’t seen it, check it out here:

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