The beauty of creative Crowd Funding

Despite of its rather young age, Crowd Funding (CF) is one of the most revolutionary developments of this decade. Although the first CF platform – – came into being already in the year 2009, one can say that the world started to appreciate the enormous value of this news only in the past two years. Great and wise minds already wrote on the subject, like the interesting article in Forbes, or the excellent book by Dan Marom, for those who want to go deeper into this subject. In my blog as well, I tried to show the enormous potential of this phenomenon, as game changer in the general economics, and as a new mode of advertising and marketing.


At this point, I am interested to touch upon a very specific aspect of CT, which, as far as I know, has not  been dealt with up until now. I would like to discuss the need, even the necessity, to introduce the creative element into our CF campaign .

If this sounds familiar to you from the classical world of advertising – that is no coincidence. Many years in the field of advertising taught me that the quest for an innovative and original method to bring a message to the public is practically as important as the message itself. But it seems that in the new world of CF this necessity is even more essential. In the past, there were only small numbers of publishers available, and limited possibilities in the media.  A significant advertising campaign was an expensive venture, and the sieve of cost seriously limited the players in the field. Few could afford a seat in the grandstand of the struggle for the hearts of the public. As a result, if you made it there – you got the attention. almost no matter what you did.

In contrast, a CF campaign is a game anybody can play. A developer of a dragonfly robot, or a vacation for an bus monitor. A ballet troupe that intends to have everybody dancing, or even an illustrator who wishes to paint the portrait of your cat, all of these are standing on the shelf, shoulder to shoulder  calling the potential backer to take a part. Now, It is a matter of quality only. How do you go about to do this as best as possible. And here comes creativity.

6. תרגום

Lately I was lucky enough to lead a successful crowdfunding campaign for open code project for liberating government data. It’s not as if I think it is sufficient to call myself an expert. Yet, some conclusions could be reached during that campaign, and today I can state that I now know a lot more than I knew before that effort. That knowledge I am interested in sharing with as many people as possible, because I really believe in the wisdom and fairness of crowdfunding.


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