Creativity by Ophir, A beach poet.

Ophir is probably the man with the least fitting name in the world. He looks more like Jude, or Abner, maximum Gideon. But when he told me his name is Ophir, I think that I made a face. Anyway, Ophir did not react. He is probably used to it.

Abner .. emmm ..Ophir attracted my attention because of his, how shall I say it gently, astonishing custom: he plays Frisbee with himself! Yes, as simple as that. Not like these cool dudes who throw the frisbee in the direction of Cyprus, and it comes back right into their hands. No, Simon .. Ah .. sorry, Ophir, simply throws it to his partner with a sharp, turning flick of his hand, but the partner is simply not there. The Frisbee lands on the sand and Jude .. Ah .. Ophir hastens with firm strides in its direction, just as if these are the rules of the game: throw the Frisbee versus the unknown, run to collect it, and so on, Until the end of the beach, and then turns around, and start all over again. The game develops motor ability, as well as a physical excellence, heart-lung reserve, and the ability to live alone.

You must admit that even if your blog were dealing with growing silk worms, you simply would have to talk to this guy sometime. And so, when I approached him, I had not the faintest notion whether he is inventing something, and how it may be connected to his funny game on the beach. But Gideon .. Ah .. Ophir did all the work for me:

“This helps me to concentrate” he answered practically without my asking “you see, I write poems. Mostly love poems. If I were to sit at home, or in a café, nothing comes of it. Even when I sit here at the beach, no rhymes come to me. One day, when a friend didn’t came, and I tried to play Frisbee by myself, I discovered that it blows my brain. Since then, I come here at least twice a week, play for an hour or so like this, and then go home, and pour onto the page all that roves around in my thoughts. Until this day, this system has not let me down even once. You must think I am a weirdo .”

He did not say that as if it bothered him. But I did not think at all that he was crazy. The truth of the matter is that I wanted to try out his method there and then, but I was a little bashful, so I did what most doubters do: I looked for a proof. I asked for an example of his poetry. Amram .. Ah, Ophir, was suddenly taken aback.

“Show you? Why should I? I write for girls only. I prefer pretty girls, but not necessarily. The main thing is that she be a girl. Why do you make a face? Why, do you know anyone who does not write for girls? It is all about courting. Did you read ‘the selfish gene’?

The nerve. This freak patronizes me? Of Corse Iv’e read it, well… at list something about it…

All you are doing is for getting a girl, so you can disseminate your genes. This is not a matter of romance. This is science. Even more so as it is linked to creativity. Girls are impressed by names, cars and titles, but they melt for poems. Especially if it’s a good one. And I write well. I would have shown you, but you aren’t a girl”.

Ophir, yes, Ophir flashed me a victor’s smile, and threw his Frisbee towards the end of his poem. I will get one. Tomorrow, if I have the courage, I will try the technique for real.


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