creativity by Vadim, A graffiti genius

Vadim, an urban animal and graffiti artist (responsible for these huge figures with human body and a bird head. I think he is a genius), lives at the public garden.  Will tell you anything for a bottle of vodka.

viliglritna Roskam? you Speak Russian ? Not? Why not? It’s the first one thing a Creator need. speak Russian. Never mind. I forgive you. But this is the last time. Folshitz (which minds “listen” in Russian. All translations were done on Google, retrospectively) everything you see around you, it is all Lajatz (false). You know that, right? The Trees, the houses, roads, that lady with the dog. It’s all a film about life. But not life itself. You tell me you want to do Tbortz’sky (creation)? You first need to admit it is all a lie. Now look around and tell me it’s all a lie. You want to fuck that girl there with the dog, I know you want. But it’s a lie. She does not exist. You want to buy that apartment with the Balcon on the park, but it is also a lie. You think you’re talking to me from above, because you gave me a bottle and you have where to showers in the evening and a bed with a woman who wants to hug you and I have only Blahlat (bugs) but it’s also all a lie. If you really want to do Tbortz’sky, you got to admit it. Do you admit?

. I admitted. Partly because I really wanted to do Tbortz’sky, but also because it suddenly seemed not all incorrect

good. Now listen carefully to Vadim, Bolkon (liar), to create, it’s not a problem. Anyone can create. But you need to have only one thing – truth. That’s it. Not learn academic, not money or Museum or anything. All this just adds another Lajatz and another Lajatz, until you do not see anything from the truth. All covered in shit. Shit you know, right? This is the only word I like in Hebrew. If you want to do things, you have to clean shit. Diet. So you stand on the your bench (Vadim demonstrate) and say I Vadim, and I do not need anyone to fuck me, and do not need your money, and do not mind you love me or not, and it does not scratching my Heitzh (testicles) if you want to be friends of mine or not, because you are all Bichat (dream) of a Poor sleeping Boy. Now I flush the toilet for all of you. Vadim calmed down a bit. He sits down next to me and smiles at me for the first time. He has an old boy’s face, covered with a very black beard, and bloodshot eyes, perhaps from alcohol, perhaps from lack of sleep and perhaps its tears.

Now you can start. You have a truth with no shit. This is something very beautiful, this truth. You watch it. Look at it. Paint it. Write it. Sing it. It will all comes out very good and make people to tears because it would remind them of something that they once had and they really miss but they do not know what it is and where it’s gone so they did not know why they cry and it will make them even more to cry because they are also afraid of that a little bit. But you’ve got to be careful because its heleina(war) is not over at all. Lie will find you, and you will continue to run from it. Once you stop to speak the truth, you immediately begin to lie, and all the magia (magic) is gone. Now I’m out of a bottle. Can you get me another one?

I ran to, but at the grocery store I realized it was past time that they sell alcohol. By the time  I got home,  found something in the freezer and went back to the bench, Vadim was no longer there.


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