creativity by stopwatch, A medical clown

Stopwatch, a medical clown in progress (which is actually myself. In the hospital they call me a stopwatch, and in this interview I interview myself. Very economical in terms of the coffee).

I: stopwatch, what kind of clown are you?

Stopwatch: I have no idea. You’ve put at the title a word so complicated a clowns cannot even read, but seemed to fit. At first I was a sports teacher comes to the hospital to get everyone out of bed for a morning train. So I got the name stopwatch. But it did not work because I’m too lazy to be a sports teacher. Then I found this device with a spring that measures the length of things. What’s it called? A Meter? Gauge meter? Something like that … Anyway, so I became an interior designer and I went to the children to measure the walls and the children and change things. But it did not hold. I recently replaced the whole of the my costume. It made me much deeper. I am now a very serious clown. Maybe even a poet. It’s only temporary. This morning I found a little bird that is willing to sit on my shoulder, which may make me a nature explorer…

I: Ok, I think it will do now. Tell me, what is between advertiser and a clown?

Stopwatch: Well, that’s exactly the same thing – just the opposite. Kind of a negative.

I: please explain?

Stopwatch: Sure. Both come to someone who has not called them, and harass him. But from here on everything is the opposite: an advertiser is trying to talk to as many people with the least amount of time, and the clown sits on one child, and disappeared with him into the world without time. Advertiser has something definite to say; a clown has no idea what he was saying, and what he is doing here, anyway. Advertiser comes from a strong, one of who knows what is right. The clown is the lowest figure around. If you do not have a chair he would be happy for you to sit on him. An advertiser came to offer you something that will improve your life in some way. The clown came to play with you, or chat, and waist the time with you in some way. Advertiser know how to behave. A Clown has no idea how to behave, and if he had, he probably would have done the opposite. In short, if a clown and advertiser will give birth to a child, it will probably come out as a Ginadlor.

I: What is a Ginadlor?

Stopwatch: A creature that became extinct millions of years ago, and was probably the missing link between mammals and mumbles.

I: Ok. Tell me, what does clowning got to do with creativity?

Stopwatch: Do not know. You invited me here, no?

I (quietly): Well, don’t freak out on me now. We’re on air. Make something up.

Stopwatch: You fooled me up! It’s a trap! Evil! Haman! Help! Ahmadinejad!

I: Ok chill out now with all the exclamation points. It’s not as if there’s no connection between clowning and Creative…

Stopwatch: Ok that is correct, freak. The truth is that my years as Amit Gal, a renowned createve big shot, never have I met such difficult customers like the children at Hadassah hospital. And it’s not that they are not cute. They are the cutest, and they would love to do stupid stuff with me. And that’s exactly what makes it so crazy. There I am, with no TV screen to hide behind, without the pose of the professional advertiser. It’s just me in front of the child who wants to fly, and sure I can make it happened. Now if he founds out that I could not, he would not send me buck to the drawing board to think about a new presentation, he will  just be disappointed. Have you ever seen the face of child stuck in a hospital for ages, then comes a clown, and disappoints him?

Me: No

Stopwatch: Neither do I. They say it looks like the face of Margaret Thatcher.

I: So finally we get to point for which we met for: how you do it? How do you bring up an  ideas?

Stopwatch: Oh, that’s why we met for? Bammer. I thought you were going to tell me something tough, like I am not really you, but I actually was adopted. Whatever. How do I get ideas? First of all breathing. Relaxation. No pressure. I did not come here  to be funny and not committed myself to entertain. I’m here because it’s cool here. There are lots of funny children and bored parents, so let’s make some mess. I also did not immediately knock them with my show. Sometimes I begin to arrange their room, sometimes I  just sit down with them and try to put some Luck on my nails. In short, I’m not jumping on children and push my imagination. It will come.

I: And does it come?

Stopwatch: Does a cockroach is agley? Sure it comes. The Children brings it. The parents, the medical staff and Elijahoo the prophet. Anyone in the room. Me being quiet, combining with a red nose, lighting up the whole environment. Then we decide that the bed  is a pirate ship, so they all get their own swords. If the chair is having a bar mitzvah, everyone around singing and bring gifts. In a second the magic happens, everyone has made it together, so everyone believes in it. Then – I suddenly come up with something entirely different, related to someone else in the room. Then returns to the point we were preoccupied in before. Then going away, and then comes back and passes by the door and throws something and goes back and forth. Each time a child think he realized what was going on, I’m mixing his milkshake.

I: So your thing is chaos?

Stopwatch: No way! Not chaos. Pervert. I do not do such things. Certainly not with children.

I: Right.  So what do you want to be when you grow up?

Stopwatch: A Backhoe loader driver of Corse. Like everyone else. Want you?


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