creativity by prof. Levanon, the most brilliant man in the world

Gadi Lebanon is a professor for Bio technology and neuroscience doctoral student, currently perseveres on the development of a microscopic organism that can purify water of enormous masse. Besides, is the founder and owner of a startup within an advanced stage, estimated value of $ 37 million. Meanwhile, he leads an organization establishment for accessibility information in public organizations, and volunteer for organization that collect statistics from the Palestinian authorities, and wonderful father (according to reports from external sources) of a stunning girl, age 7, and a breathtaking baby a year old. All this before the age of 37. In short,  he might be the most brilliant man in the world!

I met him in one of those hacker spaces recently sprung up around the city under the radar of giant companies and business real estate sharks. At the time Gadi was going to make us some coffee (black from the bag. “When did we have become dependent on machines as we make ourselves a cup of coffee?”) I look around. About twenty people sitting here among the piles of parts of old computers and other dinosaurs from the end of the millennium, with names only a moment ago we rolled on the tongue with reverence and today we have trouble remembering what they can do really, like “Amplifier” or “voltmeter.” I wanted to say there are People of all kinds here, but it would not be true. In fact the I’m the only person actually played Atari around here. Some people I already a little familiar with. A programming stars, who stands behind systems that neither of you know, but probably cause for everything that moves to move, including Earth. Some work in large companies, some no longer needs to. But these are the kind of people who just can’t stop doing what they do. So they are meeting weekly to develop by open-code all kinds of toys probably will change our lives soon.

Gadi is back with the coffee. He put sugar although I asked without, but I drink anyway. After all, a professor of bio-technology (what can I do? Some get impressed in the presence of pilots or movie stars. For me it’s professors. Mainly bio technology’s, but also those of  the philosophy of science). The big question (where an idea comes to mind) have been raised before the coffee, so now I’m waiting for him to take a small sip, throw a quick glimpse of his little laptop, that looks more like a part of an old air conditioner than of  the shiny devices most of us are holding, and start talking. Gadi is talking fast and thick, or doesn’t talk at all;

“I think it’s much more interesting from the corner of one particular idea that pops up or not pops up in one’s brain. Question is where do you, as a creating person, place yourself in the world. Look, I have a thought, which not long ago I referred to myself as a daydream. But lately I really see that happening. I call it the return of the hunter – gatherer. You know what that hunter – gatherers? (I nod for a yes, but it does not bother Gadi from explaining) until something like ten thousand years ago man was a whole different organism. No one knew how to domesticate animals and plants, no-one had property and probably no one was obligated to where he sat. man was up in the morning, going into the woods, wanders around, at the end he might hit some orange tree, picked what he picked, eat what he eat, takes what he takes, and keep going. One day he sat down by the lake to eat his orang, and threw the seeds to the ground. A year later, he had accidentally arrived to the same spot, and found there a new orange tree. The penny dropped, and so began the Neolithic revolution, that gave birth to capitalism, wealth, poverty, competitiveness predatory, nationalism and world wars. Today, economic and social structures are based (or was based until recently, really) on a limited number of large orchards, in where all the orange trees are gathered. Anyone who wants to survive must connect somehow to this orchard. If you also want to “make it” in life, you have to somehow get some percentage of this orchard. From the day a person is born, especially if he is a Man, is programmed to find himself someone’s orchard, and begin to make his way to orchard management, and finally have a partnership. Though actually really like his fathers father, in fact he have no need for more than an orange or two. Well, at this point you might have already noticed that I’m not really objective. “

He pauses to take another sip of coffee, and to look alternately at me and his computer screen. After a long moment, just as I assume our conversation ended, he suddenly goes on.

The whole thing swelled up in a tremendous speed. You, advertisers, especially the talented ones, are a very significant part of it. But the guilt is not all yours. Do not flatter yourself. You are no more than a part of the long code of the systems, who writes itself autonomously.

Then the balloon began to explode. The beautiful news is that unlike previous crises (27 U.S., 33 in Germany, 68 in France, etc.) this time not only the weak got it. This time, because everything is already swelled to monstrous proportions really, the explosion was felt even on the upper floors. In a day, millions of people wake up in the morning and discover that their orchard, including the management, shareholders and coffee place – is no longer exists. For the first time perhaps in ten thousand years man realizes that he does not know anything! Any structure on which he bounced on – is irrelevant. Well, obviously there are still some remains, some tycoons are trying to show off as if business as usual, and still there’s enough people believe in them and are willing to play the game. But the crack is already there, and considering the speed things are moving, in five minutes all I’m saying now will belong to the pages of history. Now it’s all about adaptation. If you can look around and change quickly, you’re in the game. Those who remain stuck will collapse, no matter how large it is now. No one was as big as Madoff “.

I take a advantage of a brief pause, made by a sound created from his computer, to say: “adaptation to what? Seems that nothing is left to lean on, no direction sign”

Gadi is enthusiastic. “That’s the great point, the really nice thing about it. Hunter gatherers. We’re back to being hunter gatherers. Forget about the poor career you thought to develop at some huge company, with a small room with no windows and a disappointing bonus at the end of the year until retirement. That Orchard no longer exists. Take yourself, get up, And go wander until you find a small orange tree. but  when you find it, do not try to appropriate it. Forget it. This is the old world. Take an orange and move on. And, if you pass by someone looking for oranges, you will tell him about the tree you found. Growing a tree of your own is stupid, boring and unnecessary. Not to mention the orchard. We no longer strive to success, but attempts. Have you seen the tree that is interesting, tasted it, and found it disgusting? So what? It’s not that you invested in this tree. Move on. We are only at the beginning of the revolution, but already when I talk to people about what they do in life I hear less and less answers of laconic one line as “a software engineer in an information systems company “, and much more long answers, and Complexity, “now I share open source project to collect financial data in battered corruption, but also opened a small business to compare prices, I joined about five other open codes projects, Last year I returned to studying, and began to perform with a rock local b and”. From a practical point of view, these people advanced so to speak more slowly than they would if they were riding in one direction, but it is not true. because now they are gaining their reputation in more and more circuits, and with some skills in Human Ability to connect the ends, they are soon holding some rare ability to pick up any project they want. Now, they can choose their way in any direction. Here you are welcome to think about creativity. It unbelievable how far can our brain expand in such a world. You do no more create for other client. You create for the world and the world will be waiting for your work and respond. If this does not blow your creative parts of the brain, so I guess you do not have any “.

Gadi is now red with excitement. Suddenly I realize I’m sitting in front of the Messiah. Then, to prove it, he got up and disappeared quickly. He may have said hello to me.  I’m Not sure.


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