Creativity by Carolyn, a brilliant musician

The reason none of you ever heard of Carolyn, lies in the frustrating fact that all of you stuck in the boring playlist of Galgalatz. Its not as if she, Caroline, Has a prosperous career in the public Israeli Radio, but to Galgalatz, she says, she would not send AP Even if they promises her the national stadium. Which they won’t. On the other hand, she also will not authorize me to publish at my esoteric blog none of her music, certainly not her photos.

However, once you’ve heard Carolyn’s electric violin and her voice, you will never be the same person again.

You just won’t.

At this point I ask for the reader’s permission to take a break from the P.C rules, and mention the unimportant fact that Carolyn is also, in a gentile way of speaking, a dangerously beautiful person. To try to slightly correct this chauvinist previous comment I will also mention that the other blog interviewers, which happened to be all male, were also nice looking… Sometimes … Well, may we continue?

Carolyn does not say much. Both because her Hebrew is not really strong, her English is not fluent , and French and German (she herself  is Swiss) is not an option for me. So in this interview I’ll do most of the talking, and she will mostly nod. When you’re a daughter of God, you can afford such things.

Someone once told me he loved music that won’t bother him doing other things. To that person I recommend to stay away from Caroline. Carolyn’s Music kicks at Everything she encountered with. It Kicks definitions of styles, chords, tools and rhythms.

Had she been flexible enough, I’m sure she would love to kick herself.

I tell you this  just to explain what intrigued me so much to meet her, and try to understand how her creative passionate spirit works and produce, and why do I present  the results of this encounter, although I found no real answer for my questions. Because when I asked her carefully how she does it, she picked up her guitar off the floor, and improvised the next song with her heart breaking voice (you can try to imagine the tune, though I can’t believe you’ll get any close):

Man wants’ to have it all

Fast, strong, body and soul

You know-me for like five moments now

And you want me to show you how

To Strip me and rape me and get my heart

Did you really think your lovely smile

Will let you get away with that?

I thanked her for the whiskey, and faded away without air.


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