Planet Earth 2014, high angle: the present, has never been so elusive and surprising. Even the word “now” sounds a bit dusty. A tweet that has been all over the place this morning, will fly away before nightfall. The world’s hottest app has a  life length of a mosquito. Change, is no longer the way. Change is the goal itself. This is the era of the flexible, open, curious, trying, attentive, willing to reconsider everything, and then reconsider it all over again.

This is the era of creativity

Everywhere, in every position, for every project or task, we are invited to approach with a  creative starting point. You don’t launch a crowd funding campaign – you are introducing the world to a new way to get involved. You don’t write a business plan – you go out looking for a new ways to promote your business. You do not teach your sales people some sales techniques – you try to develop a basket of surprises for the customer. In films, business, television, advertising, music, software, on stage and in street art, you are welcome – and expected – to invent

My name is Amit Gal, A former executive creative director. I create and teach creative for many years. Two years ago, when I stood on the stage at Cannes and received the Golden Lion, I realized it is time to summarize all I know about creative, and to formulate a real method for creating. One you can really retrieve and apply every time you want to create

So, this is how my workshop was created. it might be called “creating under pressure” or “how to approach creating from an inverted angle” or… you can simply try it on

For more information please watch that clip, and wander around this site

Meanwhile, you may get to know the people I’ve met on my way, in the posts here at this blog

Hope to see you

Amit Gal, acreativefool

A former chief creative officer at Y&R TLV, winner of five Cannes awards

for more details lets meet on linkdin here

if you want to contact me, I’ll be here


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